TX Aggressive Laws

Jan 4, 2009

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If you have spent much time in Dallas, TX area, you are probably aware that you live in a state with a very low tolerance for anyone who is unwilling or unable to play by the rules. Demand for accountability is apparent in all areas of our civil and criminal code. On one extreme, Texas is world famous for executing its worst criminals faster than any other state in the country. On the other, the catchy anti-littering campaign slogan "Don't Mess with Texas" is a jingle we are all familiar with. Our mortgage foreclosure law are just as strict as the others. As a matter of fact,

Texas has some of the most aggressive foreclosure laws in United States.

Compared to other states, the foreclosure process in Texas moves very quickly. As an example, in Pennsylvania, the foreclosure process takes approximately 10 months, not including the pre-foreclosure phase. In Texas, the foreclosure process only takes 21 days! Unfortunately, most people do not seek professional assistance until they have already received the 21 day foreclosure auction notice from their mortgage company. Unless they have an FHA loan that is backed by HUD, their options are dramatically limited at this late stage of the process

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