Our Story

Arturo founded in 2003 in Houston, Texas, is a full service Real Estate Investment and Education Company that specializes in the pre-foreclosure industry.  Our core business belief is assisting the homeowner through legal and ethical real estate transactions.
Since 2003, we have closed over 200 real estate transactions specifically helping familes out of short sales. He learned to sell homes fast because he wanted to get out quick. That was the start of a new venture: "helping others sell their homes fast and negotiate short sale". Since then, his mitigation company has added processing services, everything to help a homeowner face this crisis

Our singular function is to find a win-win-win scenario in which the Buyer, Seller, and Lender achieve a new arrangement that is superior to their previous position. Our principle means for helping sellers to determine if they should sell short is through education.

We teach the seller's about the ramifications of foreclosure, short sale, and missed mortgage payments. These ramifications pertain to credit conditions and future lender seasoning before home ownership will once again become viable.

It is our experience that much mystery clouds the short sale process. The process is actually simple, but arduous.

We work very hard to dispel the myths and rumors of the process to make the transaction as transparent as possible to all parties. If you are upside down in your residence, there is no easy way out of your situation.

We focus on all things related to Real Estate Short Sales. Often times, the politics and economics that influence the short sale processes are covered.

Frequently, we will include real life stories of current short sale negotiations in order to help educate others who may be facing the same challenge. Essentially, this site serves as a place to remove some of the mystery surrounding the short sale process.

Our Mission Statement

We fight daily with servicers + lenders as well as being nationally recognized as the houston's largest and most effective organization in assisting homeowners with an unaffordable mortgage. #CARESact Affordable Mortgage Assistance while facing financial challenges, suspend your payments today. TRUSTED, TRIED + TRUE SYSTEM

Professionals agree to abide by the following TRUSTED Core Value

We have assisted over a quarter-of-a-thousand homeowners achieve affordable solutions nationwide 50states. Free. The primary MFH solution is to restructure the mortgage by permanently reducing the interest rate to as low and 2% and sometimes reduce the outstanding principal saving hundreds and sometimes thousands per month.

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