Houston, TX 77077
Built in 2000
Savings per Month$450.00
Savings Life of Loan$0.00

4710 Bellaire Blvd, TX 77401
Built in 2000
1st Mortgage
with Texas Citizens Bank
2nd Mortgage
with US Bank
Property Value$1,000,000.00
Total Owed$1,280,853.00

Katy , TX 77450
Built in 2000
1st Mortgage
with Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing
2nd Mortgage
with Shellpoint Mortgage Loan Modification
Property Value$500,000.00
Total Owed$976,591.00

Houston, TX 77056
Built in 2000
1st Mortgage
with Wells Fargo Bank
Property Value$725,000.00
Total Owed$760,999.66

Sugarland, TX 77479
Built in 2000
1st Mortgage
with Ocwen Loan Servicing
Property Value$1,000,000.00
Total Owed$1,193,280.48

Houston's Shortsale and Loan Modification Specialists

The answer to your problem may be a short sale, and we are your foreclosure hero's! Don't delay your mortgage problems any further and find the banks foreclosing your home. A foreclosure can permanently damage your credit in addition to you losing your house. Whether you have suffered a job loss or have encountered any number of financial hardships, we understand that keeping up with mortgage payments is not always possible.
When mortgage bills mount and the debt you owe on your home becomes larger than the actual market value of the property, we can help you save/sell your upside down home. We have been helping Houston homeowners stop their property from going into foreclosure for the past 15 years. Our business has conducted over 211 successful loan modifications and short sale in just Houston alone. We work directly with the banks and know the best ways to get the best deals to prevent homes from facing foreclosure.

Our expertise allows us to negotiate very reasonable deals often at little or no cost to you! We have extensive experience in finding alternative solutions specific to your circumstances and needs.Call for a FREE Consultation. IT IS NOT TOO LATE! We are committed to getting you the optimum offer to resolve your property's financial matters. Don't risk delaying what we can repair immediately! We are trained professionals working right here in Houston to provide you personal assistance and the most effective, proficient service for you and your financial needs.

We are available 24/7 to answer your calls and any questions you may have.

>>>>Call us now by phone one of our consultants will return your call immediately. Our consultations are free.

Our success ratio is currently at 88% You have nothing to lose if you call us, but you may lose your home if you DON'T!

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