Apr 1, 2020

Patrick Clark and Nic Querolo of Bloomberg report on the anticipated $81 billion in rent payments that are due, and the economic scenarios that could play out.

Using a provocative title—Do Landlords Deserve a Coronavirus Bailout, Too?Kriston Capps of CityLab notes that “the calls for actions to protect vulnerable renters and homeowners from the economic ravages of the pandemic miss one oft-maligned category of property interests: landlords. Rental property owners who cannot collect the rent are still liable for their own bills.”

Nathan Morabito of WCNC reports on rent collection, noting that many landlords are still going through the motion of eviction—filling notices—in order to be prepared once the moratorium is lifted.

The Mercury News provides some interesting renter FAQs, starting with “When do I have to pay rent next?” Answer: “If your next rent payment is due April 1, you are required to pay on time unless you can provide your landlord with documentation that you have been “impacted” or “affected” by the coronavirus pandemic.”

Michaelle Bond of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that landlords are calling for more help from the federal government, as the $2 trillion stimulus bill includes $3 billion for rental assistance, but almost exclusively for public housing.

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