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Feb 17, 2009

Dear Fellow Real Estate Agent,

Does every buyer you work with, and every short sale listing you take produce the results you?re really after?

Is your association with these clients as profitable as you?d like them to be?

Even if you?re doing ok closing a few transactions... even if you?re able to get a few short sale listings to close... wouldn?t you like to increase your results by as much as 7 times?

As spectacular as this might sound, one of my clients did just that. Using what I?m about to show you, he increased his number of closed transactions by 92%.
How did they achieve such stellar results? Actually, the answer is quite simple. If you want to improve your sales and profits exponentially, the secret to doing it is:

More powerful business systems and the upper hand in negotiating short sales

It?s just that simple. Look, I don?t care how great you service as an agent is, how good you are at pricing and marketing a home, how quickly you can get an offer, or how unique any other component of your Real Estate business might be.

The bottom line is this: if you don?t do an exceptional job of timing the submission of a short sale? or if you don?t have the upper hand when negotiating with a loss mitigator... if you confuse them... or don?t do the strongest job possible of convincing them that the offer you have is a much better option than foreclosure...

You?re cheating yourself out of all the profits you could potentially be earning!

I?m sure you know from experience that this is absolutely true. Haven?t you presented solid offers to lenders or spoken with a loss mitigator thinking there is no way they could turn down the offer, they would have to be crazy - only to have the deal fail dismally and fall apart? This painful outcome is all too familiar, because 80% of my clients tell me they?ve been through this.

Hold on. Maybe you?re thinking, ?So what. This doesn?t really apply to me. I do mostly traditional transactions and don?t have to deal with ?short sales?. And since I don?t have to worry about the lender ?turning down the offer?, almost every transaction I put together, closes and I make a profit?.

Unfortunately, that kind of close minded thinking is killing your opportunity to really make money in a ?down market?. While it?s true that it is easier to close a traditional real estate transaction, the real problem is the declining market makes it so that more and more of the transactions will be short sales.

Right now, over 20% of every listing in almost every one of America?s cities is a short sale! In fact, in some areas, over 40% of the listings are short sales. That?s 1 in every 4!! Which means you?re in an all out war to get those remaining ?traditional transactions?. Just getting those traditional listing, much less selling them quickly in this market, is an enormous challenge.

Bottom line, ask yourself this question: ?If short sales are becoming so common, how can I make more money closing short sales with my current level of experience?? Because I know from what my clients tell me that the vast majority of Real Estate Agents are getting mediocre results at best. The average agent without specialized short sale training closes only 1 out of every 10 short sale listings.

Here?s How To Put An End To Poor Results And Start Increasing The Number Of Closed Transactions Right Away

If you?d like to put an end to the dismal results you?ve been getting in this down market... if you?d like to be able to find, list and close more transactions (especially short sale) and sell your ?services? like crazy... if you?d like to super-charge your pool of listings, pending sales and closed transactions, I?ve got good news for you.

Shanu Shrivastava is coming to houston and teaching agents exactly how to do just this. He has over 7 years of experience in the Real Estate Industry. He has taught many real estate courses including Raw Land, High-End Properties, and Short Sales, and has completed all kinds of real estate transactions including short sales, wholesaling, retailing, lease options, Subject To, and rehabs.
In a seven hour, no holds barred, full fledged "this is what you need to know" training Shanu reveals what 'other gurus' never do. He tells you exactly how to get your short sale through the bank in and closed in 90 days or less.  

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