Houston TEXAS 77057 Preforeclosure Shortsale

ShortSale Approval Letter

Short Sale Documents

Shortsale Details

Anticipated Foreclosure DateDec 1, 2009
First Mortgage with ONEWEST BANK#1009839141$270,000.00
Second Mortgage with BANK OF AMERICA#176151057$65,000.00
Total Owed$335,000.00
Market Value$240,000.00
Accepted by Debt Holders$245,000.00
Time to Negotiate Shortsale60 days

Client Testimonial

Dear Ankur,

Thank you for all the help you have provided us on our loan with B of A loan. In the beginning of the process we were worried, skeptic and over whelmed with all the paper work.

But, you and your team made the process smoothly. The bank did take a long time on our paper work, being persistence and calling them day in and out was troublesome, after 4 long months of determination it was worth it. I especially appreciate the hard work and dedication you and your team have provided us. Your assistance has been invaluable to me during this process.

Again, thank you so much. I am greatly appreciated for all your dedication in what you do for us and all others out there.

Short Sale Location

Property Details

AddressHouston, TEXAS 77057
Year Built2000
Subdivision BRIARGROVE