People are panicking right now.

Apr 3, 2010

Everyone’s now left wondering…

“Are Those Jobs Ever Coming Back?”

Some hopeful people say they will. But I’m not so sure...

Think about it -

Why would companies rehire “expensive” employees when they could just automate or outsource that work?  Machines never need breaks. It’s the perfect employee. They can work 24/7. They do their job perfectly. And they never quit.

Also, most of the companies that cannot go remote will die out anyway. So the people that think this will blow over and that they’ll go back to their old little world… They’re in for a shock. The world as we knew it - is officially dead.

Welcome to...

The Skill Economy — The Age of Remote Living

I’ve been talking about this for years…

But now that it’s here. People are shocked. Who would have thought working from home would become a necessity? Now instead of it being a dream though, most are stuck at home unable to provide. And it is terrifying.

Binsta, I don’t want this to be you. Instead of waiting around for jobs to come back, now is the time for you to learn how to work remotely. The next few months are critical.

It’s not too late...

While the world is in a panic, you need to stay calm and focused. You need to FIGHT for your livelihood. And you need to FIGHT for your family. You can be a leader Binsta. The 1% right now aren’t afraid. They’re getting ready for when brand new opportunities knock at their door. And for you to join them, you need to keep educating yourself as much as you can. Don’t give up. Tough times don’t last, tough people do.

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